5 tips to Stop Sugar Cravings and why does it happen?

Top 5 tips by our nutrition expert on how to manage sugar cravings. Also highlighting why you should avoid late night cravings

5 tips to Stop Sugar Cravings and why does it happen?
Tips to avoid sugar cravings.

Late-night cravings or dessert cravings are termed unhealthy because they are directly proportional to weight gain and obesity.

Why do we crave Sugar or sweet foods?

Cravings are commonly seen in every age group. Psychological reasons namely anxiety, depression, boredom, stress, and pre-menstrual syndrome are some of the conditions that make us susceptible to late-night or dessert cravings. Whenever there are any cravings, it simply means that there are certain types of hormonal fluctuations or imbalances happening in the body.

Let us take a look at 5 tips that will help you to manage your late night or sugar cravings throughout the day:

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According to Ayurveda, the combination of ghee and jaggery helps to detox the body. This blend is extremely healthy. It will help you to curb sweet cravings. Since ghee is rich in essential fatty acids (EFA) and jaggery is rich in iron, this will also aid in balancing the hormones and boosting immunity.


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Since your metabolism will be at an optimum level throughout the day, it is vital to maintain a balanced diet and consume meals at the right time. It is important to eat meals every 3 to 4 hours to ensure that the blood sugars in the body remain constant.


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Whenever you deprive the body of your favourite food and follow fad diets to make sure that you lose weight faster, you will always end up eating junk/processed foods in large quantities after achieving the target goal. Indulging in your favorite food or having a cheat meal once a week can work wonders if consumed in moderation.


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Both your mind and body do send strong signals to your brain for late-night cravings when you do not get the required amount of sleep. This in turn disturbs the balance between hormones which leads to increased hunger. It usually results in weight gain. It is essential to sleep for 7-9 hours a day for proper hormonal function.


Healthy snacks to try (Image courtesy - iStock photo)

Due to long working hours, there is a huge gap between lunch and dinner. Hence, most of the time we end up consuming refined foods during the evening time thus making our health goals go for a toss. Fox nuts, roasted chana, cabbage curd sandwiches, masala oats, or seasonal fruits are some of the handy snack options that can be carried to your workplace and can enjoy guilt-free.

Jayti Shah is a Clinical Nutritionist with a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a member of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA). Over the last 9 years, she has helped 400 clients in their clinical and weight loss journeys. She works with SocialBoat as a nutrition consultant. We hope this article helps you build a better understanding of how to avoid your sugar cravings.

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