Top 10 Fruits for Weight Loss

Eating fruits promotes weight loss due to their low calorie content and high fiber. They also provide essential vitamins and minerals for overall health.

Top 10 Fruits for Weight Loss
Top 10 Fruits for Weight Loss

Losing excess weight and keeping it off can be challenging. Since losing weight requires changing your preferred eating habits to a strict schedule involving exercise and food restrictions, most people find it challenging to enjoy their weight loss journeys.

Most people find it challenging to enjoy their weight loss journeys because it essentially entails changing their preferred dietary habits to a strict schedule involving physical activity and food restrictions.

Just because fruit can help you lose weight doesn't mean you should eat it in excess. Carbohydrates are found in fruit, and their function is to fuel the activity of your cells. When you consume more carbs than you can burn after a meal or snack, even if it is from fruit, the excess can be used to feed existing fat or plump up fat cells.

The list of fruits for weight loss is provided below. Naturally, some of these are among the low-calorie fruits available.


A small papaya contains 67.5 calories and 2.7 grams of fiber in one serving. It is also high in vitamin C (95.6 mg) and contains 88% water. Because of the high fiber and water content, you may end up consuming fewer calories throughout the day.
Furthermore, they may help with bloating and regular bowel movements.


A perfect filling snack for your weight loss program, this vivid yellow exotic fruit gives you a boost of vitamin C (79 grams) and only has 83 calories per cup. Additionally, it has a high water content of 86%. Adding fruits and vegetables with a high water content can help with weight loss by lowering the energy density of the diet.


They are one of nature's most delicious snacks. A cup of muskmelon contains 61 calories. They both contain approximately 90% water, which helps to keep you full and prevents you from bingeing during the day. The natural sweetness and high water content also aid in craving reduction.


Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries are among the delicious fruits in this category. These nutrient-dense foods are low in calories and high in fiber and water content. As a result, they are a wise food choice when trying to lose weight.  Their sweetness can also help satisfy sugar cravings.


Oranges are one of the sweetest citrus fruits and are high in vitamin C and fiber. One medium orange contains 65 kcal, 3.4 g of fiber, and 87% water. They also aid in weight loss due to their high fiber and water content. They, like apples, are very portable and keep you full for a longer period of time after eating.


Apples, another popular fruit in weight loss programs, are low in calories and high in fiber, with 95 kcal and 4.4 g of fiber per medium fruit. They not only keep the doctor at bay, but they also keep the pounds at bay. According to one study, women who ate three apples per day for ten weeks reduced their energy consumption during the day and lost weight. Apples are a great portable snack that is available all year.


You might not realize it, but avocados are technically a fruit and a very fatty one at that! A medium avocado has 227 calories, 21 grams of fat, and 9.3 grams of fiber. Don't worry; the high fat and caloric content of avocados do not imply that you will gain weight after eating them. Avocados, on the other hand, may keep you fuller for longer, preventing you from overeating or bingeing during the day.


This small tropical fruit is high in nutrients like vitamin C, folate, and fiber. One medium kiwifruit contains 42 calories and 2.1 grams of fiber. A small study found that eating two kiwis per day for 12 weeks reduced waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio significantly.


Peaches contain a lot of fiber. Peaches have 1.6 grams of fiber per 100-gram serving. Fiber slows digestion. Fibre adds bulk to the stool, allowing for an easier bowel movement and digestion. Healthy digestion is essential for increasing metabolism, which leads to weight loss. Fibre also helps the body stay fuller for longer periods of time.


Although watermelons have a lot of sugar, you probably wouldn't eat one in its entirety given how big they are. Since this fruit is 82 percent water, the advantages of staying well-hydrated should not be disregarded. This is why watermelon is great for weight loss. Additionally, watermelon is a tasty, sweet snack that can sate cravings that might otherwise be satisfied by chocolate or other sweets.


In conclusion, it is recommended that you eat whole fresh fruit rather than fruit juices or ready-made smoothies if you are trying to lose weight. However, it's important to keep your portion sizes in check when eating fruits, just like with any other food. Despite having natural sugar, they may have an impact on your blood sugar levels and weight loss program if you consume a lot of them.

Jayti Shah is a Clinical Nutritionist with a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a member of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA). Over the last 9 years, she has helped 400 clients in their clinical and weight loss journeys. She works with SocialBoat as a nutrition consultant.

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