Yoga Guru - Divya Aggarwal - Making yoga as simple as ABC

Divya Aggarwal, award winning yoga expert has decided to stay back in India to teach yoga to the youth. 30 minutes of yoga can fix anything, she says

Divya - advanced Yogini
Divya: AdvanceYogini

According to Assocham's study, India is the largest yoga teachers exporter in the world which is why on International Yoga Day 2017, Indian institutes were facing a shortage of 5 lakh yoga teachers. Yoga has grown many folds in the world but in India, its country of origin, the growth remains lukewarm. Therefore, due to better income and opportunities, many yoga practitioners are moving to other countries.

Divya Aggarwal, a fitness trainer and yoga expert based out of Delhi, has decided to go against the trend. She has decided to continue practicing Yoga in India, and contribute to its growth and development in its country of origin. Read on to know what she told SocialBoat.

Divya - award winning Yoga instructor
Divya - award winning Yoga instructor

Divya started practicing Yoga when she was a child. She won many competitions by the time she entered high school and has only grown more successful with age. By now, she has accumulated several accolades and prizes - including her Yogini award, her Yoga Pride award, and the record for longest hold!

When asked about her future goals, Divya tells us she wishes to continue pursuing her passion and move further as a yoga instructor. Many yoga instructors have started working in other countries because of the better opportunities and income. Divya has also received a couple of offers but she doesn’t want to leave the country. She firmly believes that it would be better to continue practicing and developing India’s spiritual practice in India itself.

Here are three initiatives that she practices amplify Yoga-

1. By Conducting Workshops in Schools and Colleges

Divya wants to spread awareness about the spiritual practice, especially among the youth who have been uprooted from their cultures. She conducts classes and workshops in several colleges in Delhi like DU and DTU.

Divya engages with the audience via social media
Divya engages with the audience via social media

2. Through Social Media

Divya is using Instagram to display her exceptional skills as an instructor, to keep people connected to the tradition. She also takes personal classes and group sessions, both online and offline, requests for which she receives through Instagram DMs. Even though social media hasn’t worked magically for her so far, it has had a significant impact on her popularity.

Divya in padma asana
Divya in padma asana

3. By Learning More About the Field

Along with teaching her students, Divya continues to learn more about her field by taking up courses, researching, and practicing. To impart the finest knowledge to those who wish to learn from her, she is growing her own knowledge and bettering her own skills.

As someone who is both an expert and champion in her own right, she prides herself on putting out high-quality work that allows her to charge what she feels is a reasonable fee for the product she puts out -- even if it means fewer customers. She believes in the primacy of quality over quantity.

A simple glance through Divya’s Instagram page (@advanceyogini) is proof enough of her exceptional skills developed over the years. She understands and respects her passion for yoga, which is why she embraces challenging terrains with patience and hope.

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